1. Evangelism

Evangelism will be the driving force of our ministry.  Allowing the gospel message to be our guide, we will strategically engage ways to reach the lost as we believe this is critical for the existence of God’s church.


2. Focus

Our mission and pathway to discipleship remains in the forefront of what we do, and we consistently use it as the barometer to gauge relevancy for programming and events.


3. Hospitable

God’s love is prevalent, and our love is felt among all who come in contact with us. Therefore, we aim to provide a non-condemning atmosphere that comforts, reaches, and welcomes the unsaved and/or unchurched.


4. Education

We are concerned with being educated, always thriving to advance our knowledge  theologically, culturally and socially.  Embracing education welcomes the spirit of transformation—changing, enhancing, and empowering lives.


5. Multi-Generational Relevance

We offer holistic and relevant experiences for children, youth, college/young adults, and adults that nurture their spiritual, emotional and social needs.  Simply put, we provide pragmatic ways to address life in the 21st-Century.


6. Community Outreach

Our love extends beyond the internal workings of our faith community into our geographic community.  We believe in the criticality of having a presence in the geographic community, humbly serving as a God-given duty of our ministry.  Therefore, engaging the community through outreach is essential.


7. Facilities

We will acquire and maintain adequate facilities needed to carry out the mission of our ministry as well as meet the needs of the community in which we serve.


8. Financial Contribution

We firmly believe in financial giving.  Ten percent tithing, free will offerings and seed sowing is the primary way we cover expenses and expand our potential for ministry advancement.  





Bedrock Principles