Our Aims

Love God

The heart of the believer should be centered in a sincere love for God.  If our love starts with God, then we will forever seek God’s presence. The presence of God provides us serenity and security.  We demonstrate our Love for God through faithful participation in weekend worship services.


Connect With Each Other

Although ones acceptance of a relationship with God is personal, their lived experience should be communal. Building relationships with each other within the local church is critical and essential. We connect with each other primary through connect group and secondarily through connect fellowships, sister circle and man cave! (Learn More)


Serve Communities

Selfishness finds its way in the hearts of humanity far too often.  We must combat this deadly disease with intentional efforts to serve the local church community as well as the geographical community.  We do this by encouraging members of Team TNC to join at least one ministry team. (Learn More)